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What Tools Do You Use to Measure Social Media Engagement?

Your Social media standing is the currency of today’s age. The number of followers tell us how big your influence is. Unsurprisingly, every person and brand is racing to get more followers. But looking at the followers is just half the equation, as you also need to know how active and useful these followers are. This is where social media engagement comes in, adding another dimension to the formula.

social media engagement

What is Social Media Engagement?

Engagement is the ratio of how many people interact with your content when compared to how many view it. That interaction includes likes comments, shares, tags, etc, which signifies that the person enjoyed the content, and is interested to see more. For every platform that implements an algorithm to determine your feed, engagement plays a big role in deciding how many people get to see your posts. So that is one big reason on and you should try to improve your Social Media engagement.

Accessing your platform’s Insights/Analytics will show you most of your basic stats, but if you want something more detailed or granular, you might need to use 3rd party software to get inside it.

Why Do You Need Social Media Analytics?

Since social media platforms have become a means of earning, tracking the performance parameters contributing to accomplishing goals has become important.

By conducting a social media analysis, you become aware of the trends and predictions your social presence is following. Hence, it makes you even more capable of filling in the loopholes and improving your overall marketing strategies.

Additionally, the critical evaluation of customer data helps you know the audience persona that helps you interact with them better. So, there is no way to restrict yourself from not looking into the social media analytics of your brand.

Here is a list of tools that can help you to track your Social Media Engagement:

Unbox Social

unbox social

We will start the list with our very own tool. Unbox Social is a powerful social media analytics and reporting tool, with a simple and easy to understand interface. It provides social media managers with important metrics for all their profiles in one place, which can be accessed by your team. The results can be segmented on the basis of audience, stories, and posts to better track your progress.

What sets Unbox Social apart is the ability to have a customized newsfeed to track the influencers, competitors and other related profiles that you wish to, so you are always up-to-date with what’s happening with them!



If your content relies more on images, and Instagram and Pinterest are your most preferred platforms, Tailwind’s visual marketing tools will seem very useful. Apart from scheduling posts in advance, they also provide useful analytics like the best times to post and how to reach your target audience. The inbuilt analytics are needed for Social media monitoring and engagement. You can add collaborators to work together as a team as well. Inputs such as how to optimize a campaign, which hashtags to use and when to publish are all provided to remove any guesswork at the time of uploading.



This one is a specialist for Twitter analytics. They provide data on twitter engagement, along with easy to understand graphs and charts, and also help you optimize them. Their universal search feature can help you reach the correct people via searching for keywords in people’s bios. To know your fans better, Followerwonk also provides a breakup of your followers based on demographics, locations, who they follow, what they tweet about etc. Other information like competitor’s performance can also be tracked.



Buffer is the starting point for many users to social media monitoring and engagement because of the vast feature set provided in its free package, before you need to upgrade. It has an easy to use post scheduler that works on Instagram, Twitter and Facebook, without needing to leave the app. Along the same lines, analytics of these posts can all be viewed in the same place. Multiple people can access the dashboard, making this ideal for teams. The app supports LinkedIn, Google+ and Pinterest too.



Iconosquare is a Social media engagement tool, which focuses on using data to make better campaigns. It tracks insights like engagement and growth while understanding your audience better. Details like demographics, age, location, preferences etc of your follower base are provided. The tool also measures your engagement metrics such as posts and stories. Iconosquare also suggests the time when most of your followers are online. You can measure your social media engagement or your performance by analysing these metrics together.

Tracking Social Media Analytics with Tools

Now that you know the elements of a tool that can be best suited for your business, let us grab some key points you can implement to track social media analytics with the usage of social media analytics tools.

Gather Data

First step is to gather data from all the available and relevant resources so that you can set statistics and operational parameters for the company.

Generate A Social Media Analytics Report

Generate social media analytics reports of the trends and analytics with the integrated features of general reporting, one-off reporting for specific campaigns, and real-time insights on customizable dashboards.

Search for Trends

Keep a vigilant eye on the changing trends and incorporate them as soon as possible within your marketing strategy. Find insights into customer behavior and identify emerging trends in social data, trace customers’ preferences, and pitch them your product and services accordingly.

Look Out For Loopholes & Get Better

Track the actionable insights from your social media analytics and generate reports. Share those with your team members, and work on the areas that need improvement.

Share and repeat a similar cycle to improve your strategies and get promising results for your business.

Choose the best social media analytics tool for your business

Social media marketers need their data. Data is the difference between running marketing campaigns that generate positive ROI versus flying blind with your marketing efforts.

Social media analytics help you gather a wealth of information that can assist you in improving your marketing strategy. And there are many tools that make gathering this data easier. The key is to find one that is right for your needs and gives you the necessary reports for your business.

If you’re a big company, Keyhole or Quintly are great choices. If you mostly use Twitter, then Followerwonk is your guy. Options like Audiense, BuzzSumo, and Google Analytics are great for content marketers. If influencer marketing is a huge part of your growth strategy, TapInfluence will work well for you.

But if you are a fast-growing brand and you’re looking for a social media analytics tool that can accommodate all your needs as you grow, Hootsuite is the one for you.

People Also Ask

What is a social media analytic tool?

A social media analytic tool is simply software that helps you measure different metrics and KPIs for your social media, so you can measure the performance of your actions and come up with numbers to calculate your ROI for social media.

What is KPI for social media?

KPI stands for key performance indicators. These metrics help businesses measure their performance over time, see if goals are being met, and analyze whether changes need to be made. They are simply metrics used to determine if a business’s social media marketing strategy is effective or not.

How can I track social media analytics for free?

Many tools are available that allow users to track analytics for their social media. Almost all the platforms do offer a native analytics dashboard, but there are also some free tools such as Social Champ that allow users to track analytics for their different social media handles.

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